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ボンジョルノ! メキシコ8年、ミラノ約4年のUnionClipのあいです。 数あるブログの中から、 私のブログへお立寄りくださりありがとうございます。

「あいのドキドキ・ワクワクオンラインMBA冒険」では、 長期海外生活の不安、オンラインMBA出願までの準備方法、MBA合格からの準備や気持ち等をお伝え致します。 海外生活やMBAに興味ない方や何か始めたいけれど何を始めたらいいか分からない方にも楽しんで学べる内容にしているので最後まで読んでくれたら嬉しいです。応援してもよいと思って頂ける方は、コメント頂けましたら幸いです。


海外生活11年実績: アメリカ(オハイオ州・イリノイ州シカゴ)・フィジー・メキシコ・イタリア ※無断転載はお断りしておりますがリブログは大歓迎です。



The most passionate project was to organize an online seminar with other colleagues in Europe.

 It was not common for our company to organize the online seminar before Covid-19 started. However, as the situation got worse, our sales activity was really limited, and a lot of people felt less motivated and even depressed with the situation that we had in Europe since we had a strict lockdown for long periods. Nevertheless, I started to switch my sales activities from onsite to online as soon as possible and started to organize an online seminar about important topics from April 2021. Even if our colleagues did not know about the video conference tool and the effective way of speaking online at the beginning, I supported them to improve their understanding by providing feedback and suggestions for the next seminar every time. After organizing the updated seminars with the same colleagues for 3 months constantly and receiving the feedback from potential customers, I noticed that a lot of customers had doubts about immigration and entrance rules between Europe and Japan.

 I started to talk with our colleagues in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and France and asked regarding their interests for collaboration based on the feedback of our customers. Explaining the topics needed to be covered in each country and the way to use a video conference tool encouraged them to agree with my idea. While defining the topic for each country, I tried to communicate with each member individually and frequently to see if they had any issues and provided marketing suggestions since it was not easy to condense the topics in 5 countries into a single presentation.

 As a result of all the support from the team, we succeeded in holding a great online seminar with more than 500 participants and it helped us to develop a lot of new relationships with important potential customers while receiving a lot of appreciation. Since not only clients, but also a lot of my colleagues in Europe also gave me positive feedback, I really felt satisfied with my first initiative and contributed my support for other people’s benefits.



次回は、 第10話-B、海外生活11年目元パリピ、アラサーあいのMBA出願後から合格まで~エッセイ編(英語)~をお届けします。現地採用として海外生活中の人、またはこれから海外生活をする方!海外生活の不安アルアルを赤裸々にお伝え致しますので、お役に立てれば幸いです。もし質問があればお気軽にご連絡ください。



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