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ボンジョルノ! メキシコ8年、ミラノ約4年のUnionClipのあいです。 数あるブログの中から、 私のブログへお立寄りくださりありがとうございます。

「あいのドキドキ・ワクワクオンラインMBA冒険」では、 長期海外生活の不安、オンラインMBA出願までの準備方法、MBA合格からの準備や気持ち等をお伝え致します。 海外生活やMBAに興味ない方や何か始めたいけれど何を始めたらいいか分からない方にも楽しんで学べる内容にしているので最後まで読んでくれたら嬉しいです。応援してもよいと思って頂ける方は、コメント頂けましたら幸いです。


海外生活11年実績: アメリカ(オハイオ州・イリノイ州シカゴ)・フィジー・メキシコ・イタリア ※無断転載はお断りしておりますがリブログは大歓迎です。



It was the most challenging experience in my life to start up the Japan desk at my company and have it recognized internally as a useful role because no one understood anything about the Japan desk including my Italian superior who was assigned as the Japan desk leader. Therefore, I needed to prepare all documents for clients and colleagues and explain the definition of our role and the details of what we can do to support them.

It is quite common practice that Japanese secondments are assigned to the Japan desk at a local firm. The role is to acquire sales leads and improve the brand awareness of Japanese companies by providing newsletters and seminars in Japanese language. Before I arrived in 2018, no specific Japanese person was assigned to take care of the Japan Desk at my Italian company.

Therefore, I needed to start from the beginning and make decisions to take action since everything was brand new and no one had a clear picture about the members and each of their roles. While other Italian colleagues also made a lot of complaints against my actions, I really felt tired and stressed, but tried to focus on building internal systems and improving the brand awareness to external clients.

The most important internal system was to promote and control the sales opportunities created by the Japan desk in order to prove our success to internal management. To promote the services by company and region, I made a target client list and confirmed the internal person in charge. By holding a monthly call with teams, I made a system to track the status of opportunities and actions. To control them, I made a list by opportunity level divided into 4 items such as leading opportunities, proposal, win and lose. So other Japan desk members could use the same file, I made a guide and saved the list in Google Drive so enable anyone to edit at a time of their convenience. Proposing a monthly call with members also helped the members taking track of their responsibilities and to keep the list updated.

Thanks to my continuous effort, my colleagues finally understood and accepted that this was useful for them to get more opportunities. Since my effort is now recognized in several departments, I can easily provide a lot of important information in Japanese. Japanese clients also started to look for me since they trust in our quality of service by looking at the fact that we never stop sharing information even during the covid situation.  

What I learned is the importance of concrete explanation of actions with clear objectives and continuous proactive communication with members who have a different working style or values from me if I really want to achieve a goal. I also pay attention to my way of thinking for communication since I sometimes expect colleagues to have the same working values to make proactive communication between teams unconsciously.






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